For all your couch problem, Sofa surgery has a solution. We have couch doctor who can pick your couch, dismantle it, transport it where ever you want, and once it reaches the location, then assemble it too. We do all of this for you in a day. It happens many times with the people that at the time they are shifting the couch, it stuck in a stair or in the door of a room. At that time, you can call us too. Our team will come and look at the situation closely and figure out what they have to do with in no time.

Service we offer to our client

The service we give for your couch are:

Assembling of a couch in a proper way

If you bought a new couch for your home and unable to figure out the assembling process of it, call us. Our skilled team will come to your doorstep and assemble your sofa in a few minutes. We not only assemble new couches; we can also assemble your old couch if you are facing any issue.

Dismantling of the couch in an emergency

Once you hire us to move your couch from one place another, we dismantle it within no time, so it becomes easy for us to transport is through doors, stairs, and narrow hallways. At that time, you don’t have to worry about the couch, like whether it will stay in perfect condition or not. To eliminate this stress from our client’s mind, we give them a warranty of 5 years. It means that once we dismantle your sofa and assemble it later, it will stay in shape for five years.

Repairing of a couch

If you have a couch in your home that is getting old and you are thinking of replacing it, then hold for a second, get in touch with us. Our team will come to you, examine your couch, and definitely find a solution to repair it. We will not only repair it for you but will make it look brand new.

Free delivery and pick up service

From our clients, we didn’t take pick up or delivery charges. It means that once you hire us, our team come to your home and evaluate all the charges that are required for sofa repairing and restoration. But in those charges pick, or delivery cost is not included, as it is free.

Couch DoctorOur qualified staff

The team has for this staff is skilled and knows what they are doing. They all have tools that are required to dismantle, assemble, and to move the couch. The dismantling and assembling required skills that a person can learn only by taking the training. We give our workers training or a regular basis. As we don’t that due to us the belonging of our clients will receive damage.

Why are we the best?

  • The services we offer to our clients are unmatchable. Our team is fully committed and make sure to satisfy the client no matter what; it is another thing that apart from us from the other companies.
  • Our team is very professional and make a friendly connection with the client. They listen to the clients to find out what they are expecting.
  • To move your couch, we pack it in a proper way by using modern techniques to make sure it stays safe.
  • If a client wants a service according to their way, we give a command in their hands. It is because they were working for them, in case they need a suggestion, we give them.
  • The charges of all the services we offer are reasonable.
  • We tell our client in detail about the charges, so they can get an estimation by themselves too.

So, don’t think much if you want to change the look of your couch or need a repairing service. Our team is ready to assist you in every way. To book our service, call us or visit our site.