Sofa Assembly is one of those tasks that need professionalism. Those who not are pioneers will result in painful damage to the sofa set. Sofa Surgery is a landmark in assembling, disassembling, and reassembling of furniture of any type. Our company’s name is our commitment to the task. Someone might say that what the link between surgery and sofa is. We say to them there is a deep link that you might make a mistake to understand. We know how precious this furniture is for you.

Some even spend their life investments to make their houses comfortable for their visitors as well as guests. This hospitality also demands a comfortable sitting area as this is the key to please someone. For this, we take the task of sofa repairing as intense as well as careful tasks thus as surgery. In our services, we provide the evaluation of the problem with the sofa as well as the repair. We work with the diagnosis-prognosis policy for our customers. We work with ease and quickness.

In furniture, we can work for couch, sofas, Dining sets, pool table, Aromire, etc. Our best response to our customers is that we never as ‘NO’ to them concerning these assembling/disassembling issues. We have such an amazing crew with a screw that makes any of your furniture assemble or dissemble as well as reassemble. In our sofa assembly, we provide assembly of almost every type of sofa set. We know how to assemble those sofa sets as our experts in this have enough knowledge regarding sofa assembling. They not only work through perfection as well as with precision.

We are proud of saying that sofas those we assemble remain vigilant and rigid for decades. You may get a surprise after knowing our services in sofa assembly:

What do we provide in the Assembling of the sofa?

You might be thinking of our services in the sofa assembly. For this, we have a plain answer that we can assemble any type. There are some rigid and difficult types of sofa fittings. People usually find difficulty in assembling those sofa sets. Some may assemble these sofas themselves but soon they call sofa surgeons to reassemble those sofas. There is no logic behind calling again them to reassemble. This will make the sofa assembly more expensive than on the first call.

Before telling you the types of sofa that we can assemble let’s first tell you our approach to your facilities. We are well confident in saying that we provide all these sofa services in competitive rates the market. And we also are among those companies that provide full-time service to our clients. We will be available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you may contact us anytime you want. in sofa assembly we can assemble following sofas, but not limited to them as mentioned earlier we can assemble any sofa:
Sofa Assembly

  • Uptown 1 & Uptown 2 sofa set
  • HONBAY Convertible set
  • Sectional Sofa in and shape for small space-Assemble
  • Sleeper Sectional Multi-Seat with storage box
  • IKEA PRIHETEN (any type of it)
  • SKIFTEBO velvet-textured
  • Chita Sofa
  • Outside/Inside Di Studio couch

These are those sofas that people find difficult to assemble. The purpose behind telling their names is to tell you how capable we are in sofa surgery. In addition to assembling, we also have disassembled and reassemble services for all such types of sofas. We also repair sofas of any type.

Linking to Sofa Surgery:

You can have these and a lot of other furniture services form us. Although, we specialize in sofa and couch but not limited to them as we also have several other services that you would love to have from us.