Sofa Surgery is proud to provide you with top-quality services to keep your sofas in perfect condition. We are known as Sofa Doctor just because of our top-notch services. Our experts deal with all types of cleaning, repairing, upholstery, assembly, and disassembly services at competitive rates. These services will provide a whole new look to the sofas. Moreover, we are providing you with all types of services for both commercial and residential zones. Our expert team uses updated tools and materials to provide a new look to the sofas according to your preferences. However, we work according to your needs and desires. We try our best to meet all your needs.

Due to our years of experience in the field, we have earned a good reputation. We are providing you with professional workmanship how knows everything and has the expertise to repair you’re faded and wear sofas and couch. With our high-quality services, we have made a strong customer base. We pride ourselves on providing you with the services to keep your sofas maintained and provide a leaking finishing. For instance, your sofa is torn from a certain place; we will match the right color so that you wit will look exactly the same. Moreover, we provide re-upholstery to your faded and old sofas to provide it a new look.

Besides, Sofa Surgery is providing you with professional and experienced workers and upholsterers to get the job done in no-time. We provide you with everything you need. Our experts resolve every issue you face with your sofas, such as restoration, renovation, and re-upholstery. Besides, they deal with minor issues as well, such as marks, scuffs, and leather tears. They provide guidance, which will help you to maintain your sofas as well.

Why do you need to choose Sofa Surgery?

We, Sofa Surgery is providing you with high-class services at affordable rates. Our quality services have made one of the best companies in the USA. Here are certain reasons which will compel you to choose us for all your needs regarding your sofas.
Sofa Doctor

  • Provide you with supreme-quality services to maintain your sofas
  • We provide emergency services as well
  • Provide your with top-notch, professional and reliable services
  • We Provide on-time services
  • We handle everything without letting you stress-out
  • Our affordable services are perfect for you

Upholstery – Commercial & Residential

Sofa Surgery is specialized in providing you with commercial as well as residential upholstery services at a large scale. Our on-time service has made us the best companies in the USA. Our experts are ready to serve you with the best. They arrive at your provided location in no time to provide you with particular services. They carry all the right tools and materials to facilitate you with the upholstery. Moreover, if you are confused about anything, our experts will guide you and help you to select the right type and style to maintain your sofa.

Furthermore, our professional team of workers will cater you with the best they can. They will repair and clean your sofas. With upholstery, your sofas will become new again. You will be able to use them for the long term with our best quality services. Besides, we will replace the old wood with the new one and add extra padding, if needed.

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Sofa Surgery is offering you high-quality services at affordable prices. We will provide you with everything you need regarding your sofas. Besides, we will help you to make your old sofas new with our exceptional services. We are providing custom design services to meet your needs. Moreover, we will provide you with emergency service as well. Contact us now to avail of our services. You can get a free estimate as well.